Our vision is to show the world what doing GÜD is all about. GÜD is building a community of people who find happiness and satisfaction in helping others.

Helping others is our focus. But when we give meaningful service, we reach a new level of joy and satisfaction in our own lives. Science and research show that the act of giving is just as good (or even better) for the giver as it is for the one who receives. Givers are simply happier, healthier and wealthier. (See Gross National Happiness, Arthur C. Brooks).

Because giving is so GÜD for everyone, our primary objective is both SIMPLE and POWERFUL... to get more people involved in giving. We can’t accomplish this by building "just another crowd funding" site. We want to build something that allows people to give more than just money. It is more important to give of yourself!

Abraham Lincoln summarized it well: "When I do good, I feel good." If he were to study the recent research on giving, he might change the maxim to, "When I do GÜD, I feel great!"

Join our GÜD Community today and become a Do GÜDer!