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Lets face it - anyone who is involved in the GÜD Community is way awesome plus tax. But "The CRÜ" is our elite team. It is the Navy Seal meets Mother Theresa super-team.

There are 2 ways you can become part of the "The CRÜ":

  1. Become a MONTHLY donor. Any amount of $1 or more is enough. Hey! Did you know that when Mother Teresa left the convent to work in the slums of Calcutta she only had a dollar to her name? You don’t have to be a millionaire to make a difference. Give like Mother Teresa and start your giving streak.
  2. Become a Giving GÜRÜ. Earn enough points through participating in projects and sharing on social media to become a "GÜRÜ"

The idea of "The CRÜ" was inspired by one of our partners, The Sabin Children’s Foundation. They have collected a group of wealthy families and individuals to create the 100 Angels Club. When they fund a project, they each give 1%. They do A LOT of good this way.

We thought - instead of getting a few people to give A LOT... what if we got A LOT of people to give a little? Now THAT is a GÜD idea!

What you get when you join The CRÜ:
  1. The CRÜ decal kit - one for your car, one for your computer or tablet and one for your phone.
  2. Exclusive CRÜ T-shirt (Hey! This ain’t no cheap T. This will be your softest, most comfiest, want-to-wear T).
  3. 100 extra points toward becoming a GIVING GÜRÜ.
  4. An extra 10% off of GÜD product purchases at GÜ
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