Jolene Wilkinson - Sparta 300

On May 7th 2017, a select group will embark on an incredible journey led by a Special Ops coach. Retracing the steps of King Leonidas and the 300 of Sparta. Rucking over 375 kilometers in 8 Days...The purpose of this mission? To support 3 very special charities: CharityVision Navy SEAL Foundation and The Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation.



Hi, I am Jolene Wilkinson. I will be part of the 30 participants who are joining together on May 7,2017 to ruck 8 days for Charity. We will be in Greece rucking the trail that King Leonidas led the 300 Spartans on. Doing this for 3 charities: Navy Seal Foundation, Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation who provide assistance to Spec Ops Warriors and Families, and Cahrity Vision provide eye surgeries worldwide. This will probalby be the biggest challenge i have ever undertaken. I am doing it not only for the challenge, but to get out of myself and help others.

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Chris Brown

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Happy to support you and these charities in this great adventure!

Dalene Justus

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Ruth Ellen Pfulb

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John & Sherry LaFreniere

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apparently my first time donating via PayPal didn't process, just remedying that transaction!

Steve Down Companies

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Jolene Wilkinson

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Tim Norris

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Go get 'em Jolene!

John & Sherry LaFreniere

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Jolene- Sherry and I have enjoyed having you homestay with us twice in Florida. I am always so impressed with your drive and heart. Good luck with this latest endeavor, but I don't think you will need it! Your toughness will get you through

Brian Weissinger

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Dan Slater

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Good Luck!

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