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Come back with your shield or on it, a civilians walk with warriors



I'm Sean Easton, a Realtor, businessman and ordinary guy.

When I think of who isn't ordinary, I think of our Veterans. It blows my mind that they put their life on the line and that all I've done to repay them is shake their hand and buy them a beer. I've decided that if I truly want to show my gratitude to these Warriors and all that they’ve done for us, I need to grab my own shield and sword and walk with them. This is how the idea for Walking with Warriors was started.

My whole hearted appreciation for the Military began when I was 7 years old and my parents would take me to see the Air and Water Show at the Glenview Naval Air Station. A couple years later, I read "Men with Green Faces" by Gene Wentz and it instantly lit a fire within me. This became a glowing, growing desire to serve something bigger than myself. There isn’t anything more inspiring to me than someone who is willing to risk it all by standing up for the freedoms of its country and their people.

These are ordinary people who DECIDE to be extraordinary, just by answering the call to duty, no matter when the bell rings. I am now 31 and although I didn’t enlist, I managed to find an alternative way to contribute to the people who inspire me so deeply.

I am honored and humbled to announce that the Navy Seal Foundation, along with Charity Vision has selected me, the Realtor, businessman and ordinary guy to race on their team in The Sparta 300. The Sparta 300 is 300 miles of gratitude, service, and honor. However, in all actuality, it is just my FIRST step. It’s a personal call to action, serving our active Military, Veterans and Country in a way that demonstrates how grateful I am for their sacrifices. The only way to bridge the gap from civilian to service man, is to lace up my own boots, and Walk with Warriors.

My goal is to raise $100,000 for both foundations through crowd funding and National Corporate Sponsorships. I will document my transformation from ordinary to extraordinary on my journey to be the change I wish to see in the world. However, I can’t do this alone. My call to action, to you, reading this, is for your help. Whether it be a financial donation, sponsorship, just simply spreading the word, I invite you to join my team and together, “come back with my shield, or on it.”

Gratitude, Service, Honor,

-Sean Easton
Walking with Warriors

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So proud of what you're doing Sean! Keep up the good work!

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Tear it up, bruh.

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Sean, I wanted to show my support, even though I know this will not get you much closer to your goal.

Sandy and Pat Dwyer

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We are friends of Mike Carlson

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